Meiotic sex chromosome inactivation

Similar to the changing concepts of "junk DNA", it is now becoming accepted that some pseudogenes, if expressed as mRNA, may have activities on transcriptional regulation of other genes. Eukaryotic DNA polymerases participate in chromosomal replication, repair, crossing-over and mitochondrial replication. It includes proofreading by DNA polymerase see helicase.

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The pattern of X chromosome inactivation is generally random, but this means that there will be a certain percentage of heterozygous women who inactivate the wild-type X chromosome in a large percentage of their cells. Patterns are specific and repeatable for each chromosome, allowing unambiguous identification and longitudinal mapping for locating gene positions and characterising structural changes.

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Link to a tutorial on correspondence analysis ; StatSoft Textbook:

Selection involving opposing forces in which selective advantages and disadvantages cancel each other out. Nucleosides in RNA are adenosine, guanosine, cytidine and uridine; in DNA, they are d adenosine, d guanosine, d cytidine and d thymidine. A type of RNA that exists in a eukaryotic cell.

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A non-genetic condition resembling a genetically determined one. Crossing over within the loop see top of the Figure produces an acentric fragment lost and a chromosome bridge linking the 2 centromeres at anaphase. The particular combination of alleles in a linked group encoded by genes in close vicinity on the same chromosome.
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  1. Individuals differing from the average character of the population produce offspring, which, on the average, differ to a lesser degree but in the same direction from the average as their parents.

  2. A term used to describe the MHC molecule associated with a peptide rather than in its native form. Hydatidiform moles are usually polyploid.